Bhandari group, Sangamner, Maharashtra attained extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing of quality edible oils and peanuts for years. The group took a further step in the product range, operational sophistication, and established a goal-driven, committed company to offer healthy, hygienic edibles- ‘Bhandari agro’ in the year 2018.

Bhandari Agro key features:

The core philosophy:
The values are quality, integrity, and ethical practices. Owing to this, over the span, the brand has earned a reliable reputation.

The brand "GENNOLA":
Today under the Brand Name “GENNOLA”, it offers a bouquet of standardized edible products. With the profound urge to offer genuineness, the company has brought the range of cold-pressed Lakkadi[ kachighana] Ghana oils and also Sago, Shengdana. There is more to come in edible products.

The team:
A subject expert team in R & D, Q.C.[ Quality control and check], manufacturing, marketing, advertising. The group motivates the team with knowledge and tech up gradation in respective domains.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility:
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility: It comprises an integrated packing section and food testing lab to pack all its products. It has a state of art decorticating, sorting, and milling of peanuts. Bhandari agro is always committed to offer research-based hygienically packed products. Marketing acumen: Marketing and advertising is a separate wing that offers a win-win approach to- dealers in delivery, communication, profits, and customers get value for money.

The location advantage:
Bhandari Agro has a strategic location. The company has a plant at Sangamner located on the national highway providing various logistic advantages and nearer to Mumbai.