Pet Pooja plus Lamp Oil


Weight : 3.950Kg
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What is Pet Puja + Lamp oil OFFER?

Understanding a customer's daily requirements Gennola brings you a Great combo offer which will fulfill your need of all your favorite food delights, need of upwas food, and lamp oil where universal divinity is worshiped.
Gennola is there to fulfill all of them in just one Combo that is Pet Puja + Lamp oil Combo OFFER. This great combination of products include -
A. 1Ltr. Gennola double filtered groundnut oil - Best for preparation of all your favourite food delights which will add a great Taste as well.
B. 1kg. Gennola Sago - Best for preparation of Upwas Khichdi, Vada, Pappad and Kheer.
C. 1kg. Gennola Groundnuts - Best quality groundnuts that are handpicked, sorted and cleaned.
D. 900ml Tejomay Lamp oil - It is used for indoor-outdoor lamps, made by a mixture of sesame oil, mineral oil & rice bean oil.